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Remote learning is here to stay - if the last 180+ years are anything to go by...

It seems fair to say there's nothing new in the comments we hear so often about "how everyone jumped online in 2020", "there was a rapid shift to online", "Zoom Gloom" is a thing, and "online learning is here to stay".

However, it would also be fair to say the concept for online learning - remote or distance learning - has been around for many years. In fact, it might be surprising to know distance learning has been around since the mid-1800s and the University of Queensland established a Department of Correspondence Studies in 1911! But now, it's not just the postal service that facilitates distance or remote learning, it's typically technology - EdTech - which is supposed to make access to course content easy and convenient.

Particularly in the wake of 2020, many education and VET providers are investing - or considering investing - in online course modules. ASQA, supports the delivery of quality distance education where it is possible, and has encouraged providers considering this option to further consider characteristics of their target cohort(s) and the requirements of the units of competency when designing their programs. ASQA are also cited as saying "trainers and assessors...must be provided with sufficient professional development in the delivery mode/s and [be] supported to develop their skills".

Given that online learning is here to stay and many RTOs are looking to invest in this option for their business and their students, Skills Education is proud to host a number of sessions specifically designed to support skills development in the areas of online content and online course creation.

To learn the skills to do-it-yourself at a fraction of the cost to pay a consultant, check out the following. Learn how to:

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