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Who are Write On Resources?

  • We are a boutique VET consultancy specialising in all things learning. Based in Brisbane, Queensland, our clients are local and interstate.


Our Clients:

  • We contract to, and consult for, various sized public and private RTOs, and peak industry associations in the VET sector.


Our Philosophy:

  • We believe in lifelong learning and that learners should be the focus - even within a regulated system designed to formally accredit training outcomes.

  • When it comes to resources, Write On Resources is all about quality materials (for learning, assessment, compliance, delivery and governance).

  • We take pride in our workmanship.

  • We don't think bigger is better; better is better.

  • We love doing things that underpin quality training delivery and believe that 'near enough is good enough' is not good enough.

Why Write On Resources?

Education, training, learning and development, lifelong learning…. Whatever you like to call it, Write On Resources believes in it all.


Much research has shown that when people are better educated, they have better access to resources including things like:

  • Food

  • Clothing

  • Shelter

  • Healthcare

  • More education


Write On Resources believes that everyone has the right to access quality education and recognises this starts with the resources; the content to be delivered.  When dynamic trainers and educators are not supplied with adequate course content for delivery, they will often have to work to cover and/or fill any gaps in the materials.  In terms of what a trainer needs to do, any extra energy expended trying to fill content gaps means a little less time focused on the student and helping them achieve their outcomes. 

When content is well written and comprehensive in addressing what it should, the correct amounts of energy can be focused in the most appropriate direction. 

We believe in fair, honest and ethical business dealings and this extends to our production of learning materials. 


In terms of compliance related assessment materials, we have a team of qualified and experienced people who know what it means to correctly validate assessments, ensure unit requirements are met, and produce strong outcomes for RTOs, students and the VET sector.  Also, as part of the requirements of the Standards for RTOs 2015, in relation to the TAE training package, we meet the conditions for independent, qualified validators.


As well as writing their own projects, Write On Resources offers Quality Assurance of materials written by others through activities to check, validate and map that content to course and/or unit requirements.  


Talk to us today about ensuring your materials are 'Write On'.

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