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2021 - Year of the Ripple

The new year ahead is going to mean many things to many different people. In the wake of last year which brought, amongst other things, surprise, shock, sadness, challenge and triumph, the coming days, weeks and months will present us with an opportunity.

A chance to contribute. To collaborate. To challenge. To change.

2021 offers us another chance to 'do our bit' and make a difference. Because the greatest thing we're all gifted with in this country is agency. Even if our contributions may seem small by comparison, it's all relative. That one little thing we do today may seem like a small drop in a larger sea, but we're counting on the ripples that one drop makes. Ripples that will travel from the source and widen. Ripples that will bring along thoughts, ideas, input and action.

Sure, some ripples may come from a large splash, but not everyone has the means - or needs - to be 'splashy'. It's the ripples that are a constant. They will appear from a large splash or a small drop and that's why they are important. We are all important. We all have something to contribute. That's why, for us, we've christened 2021 'Year of the Ripple'.

Welcome to 2021

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